Vermiculite, Perlite - fire protection textiles and fire protection bandages - vermiculite plates, insulations & substrates

Dämmstoff-Fabrik Klein GmbH

Your specialist for Vermiculite and Perlite in the areas of the building trade, industry, fire protection, gardening, animal care and Renewable raw materials.

Our more than 50 years of experience with the manufacture of insulation products guarantees a high quality standard and the optimum price-performance ratio. We are the manufacturers for well-known brands such as Kawalite, Hapuflam, Isoperl, Kleinite, Dustex, Vermibau, Megaverm and the Staudt fire stop system that have already proven themselves in a variety of areas.

With years of experience and expertise, our company has been able to position itself with the professional manufacture of a variety of insulation products. Our range of services includes various insulations and fire protection coatings as well as vermiculite plates and vermiculite moulded parts. Our product range in the area of fire protection is supplemented with fire protection textiles and bandages. We are pleased to remain at your disposal to provide advice on the advantages of perlite, vermiculite and other substrates. Simply fireproof - with our products!


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